Solar Science Kit is a tool set or a collection of materials for visual demonstration and many possible experiments with solar energy. The solar panel in this kit receives the energy of the sunlight and converts it to direct electrical current. The produced direct current (DC) electricity is accessible via a pair of red and black wires in the back of the solar panel. You can then use this electricity to do the following experiments:

  • sound a buzzer
  • Light up a light bulb
  • Light up an LED (Light Emitting Diode)
  • Run an electric motor and connect a propeller to use it as a cooling fan.


This solar science kit includes an experimental size solar panel that can demonstrate many applications of solar energy. It can run motors, light bulbs, LEDs, and buzzers. This kit also includes light bulbs, LED lights, buzzer and 3 motors that can be used to demonstrate how a solar panel can work as well as many other experiments related to light and radiation.
Students in 7th grade and above can use this kit for varieties of research projects or science projects. Teachers may use this set to demonstrate the importance and the use of solar energy.
Printed instructions are included and provide a link to more detail online instructions.
6-Volt Solar panel with attached wires (Part# SOLARP3.3W)
DC Motor (model RE140RA) with propeller (Part# PROP4B56MM)
Toy Motor with alligator clips (model RE140RACLIP) and propeller (Part# PROP4B56MM)
Solar motor (Part# RE300CA) with propeller (Part# PROP4B56MM)
Buzzer (Part# BZRW3R)
Two lamp bases (Part# B10E21)
Two Light bulbs (part# E0359)
two LED lights (Part# 8CR2V20MA)
20 feet project wire or insulated copper wire (Part# PCAWG24)