We invite Science Professionals and Engineers to partner with us in developing and expanding practical science education. We welcome your ideas, your skills, your experiences and everything else you can bring to the table. 

Let’s talk and find common grounds we can work together.

Here is the problem

Year after year millions of students go to school waiting for others to teach them something. They have no idea what they are going to learn and how will they benefit from learning them. Frankly, most teachers have no idea what are the benefits of what they teach. With this arrangement students are not excited and have no interest in learning. 

What are the solutions?

Some parents to do home schooling and allow their children to follow their own passions. They just creates opportunities and provide their children with the necessary tools and support. Unfortunately home schooling is not practical for all families.

Our solution is project based, hands-on education. The first step of each project is a practical activity with a purpose. This is needed so that students will be aware of their own weaknesses and understand the real challenges. This will prepare students for learning that can be done by the help of a teacher or by reading books or online educational resources.



Ideas are by far the most important components of every successful business. Without practical ideas, all other investments will go to waste.

If you have a good set of ideas and are willing to dedicate some time to them, we welcome you as a partner and offer necessary funding, space, tools, marketing, support and everything else we may be able to offer until your idea comes to the market and we can share the profits.

Ideas of new products, new business activities, or anything else

We welcome all ideas that can contribute to our business growth as long as they are within the realm of your knowledge or professional expertise.

We mainly need your knowledge and skills in Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Applied Science; however, we also welcome your additional knowledge or experience in:

    • Business and trade
    • Book keeping and accounting
    • Corporate law and tax law
    • Computer applications and programming languages
    • Management
    • Sales, Marketing, Advertising
    • Art and communications
    • Politics and International relations

If you are interested to learn more, please call me to set an appointment and get to know each other. 

Mohammad Hamzeh
Founder and President of MiniScience Inc.
Tel: (973) 777-3113