Experiment 5

Which Parts of a Magnet Are Strongest?

Materials Needed:

You can answer this question by simply checking how many paper clips you can pick up by using the different parts of the magnets.

Try this:

This is one way you can figure out which part or parts of the magnet is stronger. First try to pick up paper clips with the South Pole of your group of 3 disc magnets. How many did it support? Now try it with the North Pole of the magnet. Then try with the middle of the magnet, you will need to hold the paper clip with your finger (pic1,2, should go here).

The second way, is by using iron filings or steel wool. Place the 3 disc magnet on a table. The table has to be a wooden or plastic table. Surround the magnets with books or magazines. The books or magazines have to be place so that the height of the books are the same depth as the magnet. When you finish this process place a sheet of paper over the top of the magnet. Then sprinkle the iron filings over the paper. If you are using the steel wool, rub two pieces of it over the top of the paper. Gently tap the paper and observe where the greatest concentrations of particles are. The areas that have more iron filings are the areas of greatest magnetic field strength. (pic 3)

A third way, is by using your compass. Place the magnets in the table with the compass, two or more feet away from each other. Slowly slide the compass closer to the magnets about 2 or 3 inches away until the compass begins to point towards or away from the magnet. Slowly move the compass around the magnet , you should notice were the compass arrow points toward (the S Pole) and away from (the N Pole) from the magnets. These are the areas were the magnet field is stronger.