Experiment 4

Once An Object Has Been Attracted To A Magnet,

 is it Magnetic Itself ?

Material Needed:

Magnets attract other ferromagnetic materials by rearranging the pattern of atoms inside these objects, this will cause them to become temporary magnets. These temporary magnets will be able to attract other ferromagnetic materials making them also become temporary magnets and so on.

Try this:

You can prove this by sticking a paper clip to your group of 3 disc magnets (picture 1 goes here). This paper clip is now a temporary magnet and it will attract other paper clips making them into temporary magnets and they will attract other paper clips and so on. One interesting thing is how the magnet doesn't even have to touch the 1st paper clip in order to make it a temporary magnet.

So, go ahead and try it. Tape the 3 disc magnets to the bottom of a table so that one of the poles faces down. Tie a paper clip to a piece of string which runs under a book resting on the floor. The top of the paper clip should be about 1/4 from the bottom of the magnet (pic 2). Suspending an object in mid-air like what you just done is called levitation.