Experiment 2

What happens when magnets are

close to each other?



6 large disc magnets

2 latch magnets

1 large nail

1 book

1 neodymium magnet



Not only magnets are directed by the Earth's magnetic poles but they are also attracted and repelled by other magnets. You can check this by grabbing two magnets and slowly bringing one magnet towards the other, you can feel if they attract to each other or repel. There is a pattern were certain sides of the magnets repel or attract to each other. You can check each pattern by doing the following....

Try this:

Separate the 6 disc magnets in half to make them in 2 groups of 3. Place the two groups several inches away from each other in the crease of an opened book with their N poles facing each other as shown in the picture bellow.

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Now slowly slide one group towards the other. What happened? Place them back and turn one group around and see what happens when you put them close to each other. You can try this with other magnets like the magnet on the picture bellow. Now did you see the pattern?

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If things came out good, you have notice that magnets with N poles facing each other repelled. The magnets with the N pole facing the S pole didn't repelled they were attracted to each other. Now, try an see what happens when two magnets with their S poles are facing each other ?